Thursday, January 3, 2008

Nigerian Jigawa Golden Stars Football Club Opt For Zaria For Home Matches

Salihu Othman Isah
As the management of Jigawa state based Globacom Premier League clubside, the Jigawa Golden Stars Football Club concludes arrangement to relocate to Zaria, Kaduna state for its remaining home matches this season, reasons have emerged as to why it took the decision even though some fans view it as counter-productive.

Speaking to Leadership Sports exclusively in Kano under anonymity, a top member of the team's management disclosed that Golden Stars leadership took the hard decision with a view to achieving the best results possible for the clubside.

According to him, "though the club had a wonderful time playing in the ancient city of Kano as its home ground being the big brother state to Jigawa, it would have wanted to maintain it for that purpose, but the truth is that there is time to stay and go".

He regrets that the club will equally miss its numerous fans in the state but was confident that they would understand that the decision to relocate was taken in good faith.

He went on to enunciate the reasons behind their leaving the commercial and soccer loving city of Kano for Zaria in Kaduna state to include the fact that, the clubside has to avoid the unholy antics of sabotuers within the Kano football circles who are being teleguided by disgruntled elements within Jiagawa Golden Stars management team to frustrate its home games.

He disclosed that part of the actions they employed is to hire soccer hooligans to fill the stands to disrupt the team's Premier League matches played in Kano, citing the pettering of Centre Referee, Sani Salihu who handled its match against visiting Bayelsa United in its Week 13 encounter as an example of how far they can go to sabotage the genuine effort of the management.

He further opined that what they intended to achieve with the attack on the Centre Referee was to attract the wrath of Nigeria Football Association (NFA), but for the hand of God who ensured that they failed in their evil machinations. He assured that the real supporters of Golden Stars are not unruly, but organized and understanding.

"Besides, their nefarious actions also explains why most times, centre referees assigned to officiate our home matches oftentimes take questionable decisions against us and in favour of visiting teams. Unknown to many, this is the handiwork of the black sheeps within the management who are unhappy that they have lost out in the control mechanism of Jigawa Golden Stars", he affirmed.

"I must tell you this. If we mean well for the Jigawa state darling clubside, the time has come to leave Kano and look elsewhere for succor. You see, all these while we played here, unknown to many, we had actually engaged three opponents in our home matches. First is a section of the management team that have lost out of control in the club having misappropriated the N10 million Globacom sponsorship money unaccounted for.

The second are the hooligans who masquerade as fans, but are actually a contraption of this same group in question. They always cause trouble during our home games. And the third opponent is the visiting teams. We discovered that these accounted for why no matter how good we play, our results at home matches are something else. And we say, enough is enough; though we will miss Kano", he lamented.

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